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In 1966, UAZ rolled out its pickup-truck/minibus UAZ-452 source , which received a warm welcome by the farmers due to its convenience and off-road capability. Vehicle is produced in the body and the board version. The body of the machine can be equipped with side univalve doors and folding doors at the rear. UAZ 452 van is a top vehicle for Mongolian track, very suitable for adventorous journey and is 4x4.

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Season 1-2 days 3-5 days 5-10 days Per km
Summer  US$50  US$45  US$40 US$ 0.90
Winter  US$60  US$55  US$50  US$ 1.1

مستشار الفوركس Note:

• Your requested car always with our driver

• You will respond driver’s meal and accommodation during your trip

• Petrol for car will be supplied by you during your trip, if not be calculated by km.

• If you rent by km for the day trip or short trip, fuel cost is included.

• We are recommended you that to be insurances car and driver


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