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Mongolian culture

http://lorettahoward.com/?vipuks=come-funziona-l-opzione-binaria&da9=d0 Narantuul Hotel is located in the heart of Ulaanbaatar midtown, modern styled hotel. Every room has a private balcony which are special than other hotels. One of the first, latest technology outdoor elevator at Narantuul Hotel offers guests unparalleled view access to many of Ulaanbaatar’s most famous attractions.

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Room type Room rate /Winter/ Room rate /Summer/

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93/103money_unit 95/105money_unit


113/126money_unit 115/135money_unit


151/170money_unit 154/174money_unit
  • The above room rate includes breakfast and 10% VAT
  • Check in time 13.00pm and check out time is 12.00am
  • Rates are quoted in USD and valid till Jan 2011
  • Extra bed will be charged USD 30


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