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Mongolian culture

Central Hotel

http://aiapets.com/?optionbinary=binary-option-borsa Room rate starting from: single ahaus $

http://dogfriendlyrental.com/list-rental/member.php/72-Արեգ “” hotel is located in city is situated 60 km from Ulaanbaatar. Whether you are traveling on business or for pleasure, elegant and comfortable accommodations are yours to enjoy at the hotel “Tansag”. We promise to deliver our personal service at all time to make you feel at home.

Hotel Service

  • cable TV
  • mini bar- refrigerator
  • water boiler and shower
  • bar-karaoke
  • billiard hall
  • shower
  • sauna
  • hairdresser
  • garage
  • baggage
  • laundry service


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