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Mongolian culture


[2010-08-10 03:55:00]One Day in Mongolia - mini Naadam, Folklore performance..

see url "One day in Mongolia" three fold show program will take a place at Hotel Mongolia on  13th of August 2010. The program contains Mini "Naadam" three manly traditional sport contests, Folklore music performance and Open-air fire party with live pop music performance. Whole program is free of charge for hotel guests. For detailed information, please feel free to contact us by 99092819


The three fold show program “One day in Mongolia” includes:

    * Mini Naadam with traditional wrestling, archery contests and the demonstration of the winner horse pray song. You can participate in any of these events including horse ride. The Buddhist religious dance “Tsam” will be displayed afterwards.
    * Folklore concert demonstrating a variety of traditional music instruments including Morin khuur and the performances of short, long songs and the famous throat singing “Khoomii”.
    * An Open-air Fire Festival with demonstration of shaman dance followed by live music performance.


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