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Mongolian culture


[2010-11-04 06:36:00]Joint Art Exhibition Opens in Xanadu Art Gallery

bande di bollinger per opzioni binarie On November 4, an opening ceremony of a new joint exhibition to be named “Zergeldee” took place at the Xanadu Art Gallery.

Well-known artists of the Xanadu Art Gallery B.Orkhontuul and B.Badral are displaying their works of art in the exposition, which will be available for public until November 11, 2010.
Artist Badral took first place in the international competition themed “Tiger Translate” and also he has been participated for Mongolia in the art festival entitled “Voyage”, which was held in London.

Whereas, another artist Orkhontuul won first place from the international competition “Tiger Translate” this year. Then, she will compete for Mongolia in the art festival, which will be held in London.


Source: UB Post


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