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Mongolian culture


[2010-11-05 06:40:00]Mongolian Designer Wins Public Prize from Int’l Festival

binary options trading signal software Mongolian designer M.Tsolmandakh successfully took part in the “Hyeres-2010” International Fashion and Photography Festival, which was organized in Hyeres, France.

Then, Tsolmandakh was rewarded “Public Prize” in the International Fashion and Photography Festival.

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opcje binarne vs forex Hyeres is home to the Hyeres Fashion and Photography Festival, a huge fashion and art photography event which has taken place annually since 1985. This festival was among the first to recognize the talents of Viktor & Rolf.

Tsolmandakh Monkhoo is 33 years old, living and working in Paris. She graduated from the Atelier Chardon Savard Fashion School in Paris.

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