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Mongolian culture


[Monday, April 19, 2010]Exchange rate

watch Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/ Official currency exchange rate as of April 19 set by the Bank of Mongolia:

USD U.S. Dollar 1,410.46
EUR Euro 1,908.85
JPY Japanese Yen 15.23
CHF Swiss Franc 1,331.63
SEK Swedish Krona 197.21
GBP British Pound 2,173.17
BGN Bulgarian Lev 975.89
HUF Hungarian Forint 7.26
EGP Egyptian Pound 255.68
INR Indian Rupee 31.73
HKD Hong Kong Dollar 181.70
RUB Russian Rouble 48.60
KZT Kazakhstan Tenge 9.63
CNY Chinese Yuan 206.64
KRW Korean Won 1.27
KPW N.Korean Won 1,084.97
CAD Canadian Dollar 1,406.94
&nbs Taiwan Dollar 44.95
THB Thai Baht 43.74
IDR Indonesian Rupiah 0.16
MYR Malaysian Ringgit 440.91
SGD Singapore Dollar 1,026.31
AED UAE Dirham 384.00
KWD Kuwaiti Dinar 4,904.24
NZD New Zealand Dollar 1,003.12
DKK Danish Krone 256.47
PLN Polish Zloty 493.56
XAU Gold Ounces 1,627,318.23
XAG Silver Ounces 25,860.78
SDR Special Drawing Rights 2,149.17


Source from Montsame Agency

Writer or posted by : IBX


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