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Mongolian culture


[Monday, April 19, 2010]Mongolian Cultural Event

follow url Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/ Embassy of Mongolia in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the London's Association of Inter-Ethnic Culture of the Great Britain co-organized Wednesday an event "Evening of Mongolian culture" in London, UK.
                The Ambassador of Mongolia to the UK B.Altangerel gave a speech at the opening ceremony. He emphasized that Mongolian culture and arts have ancient traditions and specific features of nomadic culture.
                Apart of the Ambassador, present at the event were Mongolian artists who livie and work in London. They gave performances of Mongolian folk dance, solo Morin Khuur (national musical instrument), khoomii (throat singing) and contortion. Moreover, Mongolian paintings, albums of Mongolian script's calligraphy, handcrafts and books of Mongolian writers have been mounted.
                The "Mongolian cultural evening" became an important action to propagandize Mongolian culture, arts and the country.


Source from Montsame Agency

Writer or posted by : IBX


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