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Mongolian culture


[Monday, April 19, 2010]11th Conference of the Science Council of Asia

follow site Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/ Mongolia will host the 11th Conference of the Science Council of Asia (SCA) in Ulaanbaatar in 2011.
                Mongolian Deputy Premier M.Enkhbold met April 9 with a delegation led by Masatoshi Tsunaki, Deputy Head of the Science Council of Japan, and exchanged views on organizational issues of the conference that will discuss a creation of regional cooperation among scientific organizations in nature and environment sector, particularly in reducing desertification and yellow sand migration.
                Mr. Enkhbold said the government in association of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia will render all kinds of assistances in providing preparation for the conference.
                The annual SCA conference is held on a rotational basis so that each member country can actively participate in and contribute to the SCA. The annual conference consists of a General Assembly, a Management Board Meeting, and a Symposium which provides for discussions among scientists, engineers, policymakers, and students from Asia. Mongolia has joined the SCA as the 11th member country since 2004.

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