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[Monday, April 19, 2010]MNT 1.5 million to be paid in 2011 and 2012, including MNT 500,000 in cash

The Government has decided to grant MNT1.5 million to every citizen of Mongolia, in two phases – in 2011 and 2012. MNT500,000 will be paid in cash, while the rest will be distributed as entitlement to retirement benefits and health insurance, to access education and health, and to own apartments.
The program will cover herders, private businessmen and the unemployed – sectors that have been kept out of pension and health insurance schemes. The money will pay for four years’ premium. It will also entail every recipient to undergo a one-time wide-ranging medical test, and to receive free inoculation against infectious diseases.
It will also cover tuition fees at higher educational institutions, and, for students in secondary schools, the costs of stationery, books and uniforms. The unemployed would be able to study in vocational training centers.  A certificate issued as part of the payment program can be used, when buying an apartment, to make the advance deposit, take a loan and pay the interest.

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