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Mongolian culture


[Tuesday, May 04, 2010]Southgobi sands expects paved road to be ready August

ideas originales para despedidas de solteros conjuntas SouthGobi sands expects the 18-meter wide paved road it is building to facilitate transportation of coal from Ovoot Tolgoi and Tsagaan Tolgoi mines will be ready for use by August. Risks of accidents will then be less. The company is at present focusing on extraction though it has 18 exploration licenses in Umnugobi province.
Asked by media when the company will begin work on a coal refinery, its Public Relations Manager, Mr.D.Bat-Erdene, said things move at a somewhat leisurely pace in Mongolia where permission has to be taken from many ministries, agencies and government organizations. The company is buying electricity from China at twice the domestic cost because there is no choice.
It has proposed setting up a power plant, but the Ministry is yet to respond.
Source: Ardin Erkh

Writer or posted by : IBX


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