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Mongolian culture


Adventure mongolia tours

Category:Adventure mongolia tours

Name:Taimen Fishing in Huvsgul

Tour length:10 days

Accomodation:hotel- 2 nights, local hotel- 1 night, fishing lodge- 6 nights

Schedule:May 01 - Oct 01


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Mongolia is world renowned for its Taimen fishing and this tour offers you the best opportunity to try your luck catching one. It’s one of the last adventures for all fishermen! We’ll take you to the Uur River, located in a remote corner of Huvsgul wilderness, and well stocked with large Taimen. You will stay in a comfortable fishing lodge and be accompanied on your trip with a local fishing guide, cook and driver.  You can also take time out from the river to visit a real Mongolian nomadic family and experience their way of life. This is a wonderful and relaxing experience in the Valley of Uur River in Siberian Taiga. Fish your dream Taimen with us!
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