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Chingis Khagan The emperor of all manking

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http://fisflug.is/?yrus=opzioni-digitali-fa-guadagnare&7d2=6d A simplified research work presenting life and struggle of Chinghis Khagan who all his life fought for the great future of living of all people regardless of their origin, nationality, race, age, sex and religion in happiness and peace without war, for founding of "great entire world state" and bringing the mankind underone good king's reign.Though everybody knows that Chinghis Khagan was the greatest military leader who accomplished unprecedented conquests which shocked the world, nevertheless is great deeds of outstanding leader, distinguished organizer, famous legislator and farsighted diplomat who initiated extraordinary deeds to make the future of the mankind greater are preferred to be left
in silence. But he for the first time initiated world peace, for the first time declared the right that all religious believes must be free because the mankind is unified not only physically but also mentally, and opened the door of free trade to
enable all nations to understand each other and become closely related. Nevertheless, he was an ordinary man who loved, made friends, suffered bereavements, experienced misery and happiness and challenged direct fighting.
The Mongolians under the leadership of Chinghis Khagan setti ng out for war campaigns of great goals their deeds to destroy outdated and restricted world and to make the life of the mankind more greater and more meaningful implemented in unusual consequent succession, with oriental endurance, fearless courage and adroit methods.

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