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Mongolian culture


Elsen Tasarhai Sand Dune & Hustai National Park

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Day 1

go here Destination / Accommodation: Elsen Tasarhai sand dunes / Bayangobi camp

Elsen Tasarhai sand dunes located in Burd soum of Uvurhangai province and 270 km west of Ulaanbaatar. The area is surrounded by sand dunes, small lake, river and exotic granite mountains. It presents a unique combination of sand dunes and green oasis. Elsen Tasarhai can be conveniently combined with the excursion to Erdene Hamba monastery ruins and the camel trekking to the dunes.

source url Activity: Drive to Elsen Tasarhai sand dunes. Visit to Erdene Hamba temple and Sky temple in Hugnu Khaan Mountain. Enjoy hiking to the sand dunes or in surrounding areas Camel ride (1 hour) and relaxation in peaceful nature.

see Meals: Lunch; Dinner;

Day 2

enter site Destination / Accommodation: Hustai National Park

Hustai National Park is the home of Takhi horses (best known as Prejwalski’s horses). Scholars reintroduced the Takhi horse here in 1992. Hustai is a beautiful area of steppe and forest steppe zone, and is very peaceful with a lot of opportunities to see wildlife.

belle site de rencontre Activity: Drive to Hustai National park. Visit a small Takhi, the wild horse’s museum. Watch a 15 minutes documentary film. See the Takhi horse and other wild life. Hike around for a little while and take some good shots.

source link Meals: Breakfast; Lunch; Dinner;




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