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Mongolian culture


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Category:Explore mongolia tours

Name:Majestic Western Beauty Tour

Tour length:13 days

Accomodation:Hotel- 2 nights, ger camp- 4 nights, local hotel – 3 nights, tent – 3 nights

Schedule:June 01 - Oct 01


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With a rich turbulent history, varied ethnically cultural influences, the biggest lakes and wild mountains, the western region of Mongolia provides an wonderful environment and experience quite unlike any other. This trip takes you through three big provinces: Uvs, Bayan-Ulgii and Gobi-Altai and focuses on the most scenic sections of Western Mongolia, renowned for their famous eternally snowy peaks, majestic scenery and wild nature and various ethnic groups: Kazak, Durvud, Uriankhai, Torguud. Hike to the magnificent Altai Tavan Bogd,  Kharkhiraa mountains and Tsagaan Gol glacier, explore the famous Gurvan Tsenkher cave, discover the various nomadic people and their culture and enjoy relaxing in remote wild nature. Sounds enjoyable? Then see more about the tour and spend your unforgettable holiday with us.
Brief itinerary
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Day 1.
Arrive in Ulaanbaatar. Meet at the airport. Take a city tour. (L+D)

get link Day 2. Fly to Ulaangom. Visit to the biggest lake Uvs. Hike around the lake. (B+L+D)

http://www.mongoliatravelguide.mn/?sakson=le-opzioni-binarie&417=59 Day 3-4. Drive to Kharkhiraa Mountains. Hike in wonder the nature beauty. (B+L+D)

opzioni binarie sulle news Day 5. Drive to Bayan-Ulgii province. Visit the local museum of Ulgii. (B+L+D)

inwestycje w opcje binarne opinie Day 6. Drive to Tsagaan Gol or Potanina glacier. Admire the nature beauty. (B+L+D)

here Day 7-8. Full day, trek through Altai Mountains. Enjoy landscape and wildlife. (B+L+D)

http://svahn.it/Ä Ä Ä Ă˘ Ä Ă˘ Ä Ă Ë Ä Ä Ä Ë Ă˘ ĹšÄšÄ Ä Ă˘ Ä Ë Ă˘ Ă ĹšÄ Ä Ä Ë Ă˘ ĹšÄšÄ Ä Ă˘ Ä Ă Ĺ content/ Day 9. Visit to a Kazak nomad family & experience their nomadic way of the life. (B+L+D)

binary options forecasting software Day 10. Drive to Khovd province. Attractive view of majestic mountains. (B+L+D)

binäre optionen 60 sekunden Day 11. Drive to source link Khar-Us lake and Gurvan Tsenkher cave. (B+L+D)

opcje binarne godziny handlu Day 12. Fly to Ulaanbaatar from Khovd. Take a city tour. (B+L+D)

Day 13. Departure from Mongolia. (B) 


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Now that I have had some time to process my amazing journey with you through the Discover Mongolia tour and I would like to write to thank you for a totally engaging experience. . .

Washington D.C

   Mrs. Margaret Hadley

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