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Mongolian culture


Entertainment & Clubs

Metropolis Club

get link Metropolis

The most stylish, up-to-date nightclub in Ulaanbaatar, Metropolis is located adjacent to the Sky Shopping center, behind Chinggis Hotel which has a capacity of 800-1000 seating up to 300. The club is designed with stunning decor and lighting, has a cocktail bar in the lounge along with VIP lounge on the second floor and a large dance floor where the French and best Mongolian DJ’s including worldly renown DJ Аndy Moore, Ali & Fila play an eclectic mix of disco, salsa, pop, rock and techno blowing the discophile’s socks off. It is one of the most appreciable spot for foreigners, well-known people and the young urbans. The professionally trained security guards ensure the safety there.

trading on line automatico Address: Chinggis Hotel, Sky Department Store
go site Phone: 70110020
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Medusa Club

http://talkinginthedark.com/introducing-vanilla/2017/01/ Medusa Club

Medusa, as being well- experienced in the sector of entertainment, is the hotspot for the largest gathering of young urbans. With a capacity of 200-250, it provides a music program involving the latest sound system and performances by the band of best-ever DJ’s “Mongolian Mix project”, “Medusa Mix Crew” caters a wide variety of clients and handles various club, private or corporate events.
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Chandmani center, Sukhbaatar district
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5000 MNT

buy Pregabalin uk Amrita club

Amrita - opened way back in 1998, it has a capacity of 250-300 and can handle a wide variety of club, private or corporate events including wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthdays and so much more. As the world changes and tastes shift and twist, Amrita has consciously attached to its founding objectives: great food by Asian chef, great music with welcoming atmosphere and great memories at the end of a Amrita visit.

http://luenne.com/nikiow/3197 Address: Narnii titem, Chingeltei district
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Mass club

Mass club

Mass club is the newest hotspot attracting the largest variety of discophiles with its specifically featured interior design. It brings you the newest in music from around the world the Trance, House, Progressive , Chill out, as well as provides you with the best tasting, most refreshing drinks in a clean, modern, welcoming environment.

Address: Saikhan center, Bayngol district
Phone: 91921551
Tax: 6000 MNT

Chicago Night Club

Chicago Night Club is considered as a biggest club with its Mongolian live music for middle-aged. Having a capacity of 300-400, it has made significant contribution to the development of Mongolian art & music particularly through its strong support and encouragement for live music bands and singers.
Experience Chicago Night Club’s hottest new nightlife venue for yourself!

6th khoroo, Chingeltei district
Phone: 99131902, 88112424
Tax: 5000

Strings club

Strings club

Strings- In an industry where the lavish grand openings along with the unfortunate downfalls of nightclubs run on a continuous cycle, it takes a truly distinctive venue to withstand the test of time. With 5-year experience since 2004, it attracts the regular haunt of travelers, expats and the locals with stunning western interior design of Rock’N’Roll.
String offers cozy atmosphere with live Philippine band, Malaysian DJ’s, impeccable service by master Chef and the 24-hour security ensures your safety as well as the reliable taxi service on calls.

Address: White house hotel, Amarsanaa street, 18th khoroo, Bayangol district
Phone: 365158, 369973
Tax: 5000 MNT

Brilliant club

Brilliant club attracts its frequent visitors and large crowd of young and beautiful with its distinguished interior design.
Feel here the most up-to date mixes by Mongolian best ever and worldly renown DJ’s.

Address: 2nd khoroo, Khan-Uul district
Tell: 346043, 99101235,
Tax: 5000


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