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Mongolian culture


International Intellectual Museum

International Intellectual Museum

International Intellectual Museum displays over eleven thousand intellectual items from 130 countries around the world. All the items are classified into 15 subcategories in order to make visitors understand a scientific nature of the exhibits. For example, collection of over 200 different Mongolian puzzle chess sets made of gold, silver, gemstones and wood using interlocking methods and among them the smallest and the biggest Mongolian puzzle chess sets in the world are displayed.

Moreover these famous puzzle exhibits include ‘Eiffel Tower’, ‘Statue of Liberty’, ‘Egyptian Pyramid’,’ Maugli’, ‘Ancient Temple’, ‘Sea Angel’, ‘Puzzle Spaceship’ which is composed of 673 different wooden pieces interlocked and requires 5000 locking tricks, ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Cat Master’ and ‘The Doll’.

http://www.mentzer-consult.de/?afinoes=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-mit-geringem-einsatz&2e6=af Time table:
Everyday 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m
Closed on Sunday

opzioni digitali da dove iniziare Location: Peace Avenue 10, 13 neighborhood-2, Bayanzurkh district,
go to link Tickets: Adults 3000 T, Children 1000 T
follow url Tell: 461470


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