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Mongolian culture

Post and Communication

Post & Communication

http://fgsk.de/?kraevid=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-hebel&a74=6c Historicily, Mongolian communication started in the 13th century during Mongol Empire, found by Genghis khans.

Today Mongolia’s telecommunication system is highly developed. The international calling code for Mongolia is 976, and the city code for Ulaanbaatar is 11. You can find international or local calling card from post office, supermarkets and hotels. Internet and email service is available in Mongolia . Currently, there four companies own telecommunication of Mongolia, namely, Mongolia Telecommunication Company, Mobicom, Skytel, Unitel and G-Mobile. International roaming is available. From every central town of Province and small part of province you can make phone calls to your homecountry using the sub part of the province.

Free Wi-FI

Internet cafes are found easy in Ulaanbaatar and cost about 0.5 cent per hour. The internet cards are widely available in the up- market hotels, electronics shops, markets, ISP offices and mobile phone company offices. Most hotels in UB are equipped with internet connection and many cafes and restaurants have free wi-fi.

There are several post companies namely Mongol Post, DHL, UPS, ESM and so forth.

Mass media. One of the important achievements of Mongolian democracy is free press and freedom of word. Socialist time Mongolia had a few kinds of newspaper and one TV channel and one Radio. But nowadays Mongolia has many privately owned newspaper companies and magazines. Information system in Mongolia is highly developed. There are about 20 TV channels and several other cable TV stations.


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